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    Created by Timothy 'YM' Johnson

    You can load in any VMF you like, as long as it has a brush textured in dev/slime Joiner will do it's work.

    Joiner will never ever modify your input VMF, so it's totally safe to put in your working VMF, no need to create a new one.

    Joiner works by finding volumes defined by single brushes textured with dev/slime. To create supports for a room, create a single dev/slime brush that exactly fills its entire volume.

    You can have as many of these volumes in a map as you want, they can adjoin or intersect in any way. Joiner will create one set of supports per volume it finds.

    The output will be completely func_detailed too.

    Joiner will not work with any angled faces. Sorry folks, that's a feature for the future.

    Joiner will not account for touching faces being the same room. That's another feature for the future.

    Here are some before/after shots:

    If you have any problems let me know what you were putting in, what the console said as it did it, and what you got out so I can try to fix it.
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    1. Logan's Avatar
      Logan.ps -
      Really fantastic tool mate Shall be using it frequently now I have the SDK installed again. Cheers for posting!
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