• It's time for an upgrade to our admin teams :] tweet this

    After a long discussion, we've decided to add some more folks to the Playstuff server assistants and upgrade some good friends to forum mods to reflect their contribution to the community.

    New Mods:
    • Two Monkeys from a Tzu
    • The Sero
    New Server Assistants:
    • Jimmy
    • Equinoxo
    • Seanathan
    • Illosipuli
    • Krazko
    • Shakedown
    This will let you kick and ban, change maps and all sorts of useful things, also you're officially .PS members so feel free to use the tag on our servers.

    Congratulations chaps, well deserved :]
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    1. Logan's Avatar
      Logan.ps -
      Just to echo Seric's comments - you all contribute in a very positive way to this community - it's appreciated by us all!!!