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  1. SAT 4TH NOVEMBER -- 24hr Stream for charity!! HYPE TRAIN!1!

    Quote Originally Posted by Post Script View Post
    Dear Playstuffers,

    I'm writing to announce that Launch is undertaking a 24hr stream for charity to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

    WHEN: 4th November 8am GMT to 5th November 8am GMT (that's 9am CET for our European comrades!)

    WHERE: and for donations, HERE.

    It would be great if we could all join him throughout the day (and night!) to support him and share in some good times.

    He is currently
  2. mr.brick's weekly question (of the week!) #23

    Quote Originally Posted by ehdoo View Post
    Last general election in the uk went like this.

    Generalizing here but basically the only areas that support the current government are middle and southern england. Considering how much the scots hate the Tories his support here is somewhat lackluster. Especially considering one region of scotland voted for him and he is our leader.

    As a conservative leader I don't like or dislike
  3. Brother screwed his PC

    Quote Originally Posted by Sn0w View Post
    System restore would have been the easy way to go imo. Has he deleted window files, most the services should have automatically restarted once windows was restarted, is there a services tab on windows vista if so check which services are currently stopped try switching them on to gain access to system restore. Possibly try a windows update ?
    Yeah doesn't have access to turn any back on again. Plus he says he doesn't find any that look like it would do anything.
  4. The Said Email to Gabe

    Here it is in full. I've decided to post it, just because if I was willing to say all of this to Gaben, I can say it to you guys.

    Dear Gabe,

    I want to work at Valve.

    I want to work there more than anything else I think I've wanted in my life. And I don't think I'm going on the right path to do so, and it terrifies me. Right now I am majoring in graphic design, making logos and brand booklets for State Parks that don't exist. I'm also making kinetic type
  5. The Email I Probably Shouldn't've Sent To Gaben

    So a few night ago, I was laying in bed and having one of those mental breakdowns you have when you lay in bed and think about everything that has ever happened in your life.

    I hate those moments.

    And in a burst of spontaneity, I wrote and sent a stupidly personal e-mail to Gabe Newell. I'm not sure if I regret it, as it is certainly how I feel, but I am very embarrassed about it. I like to keep my cards close to my chest. I barely ever outright show my emotions to ...
  6. A new life, a new name. Logan > Colt.

    Adding this post to my Blog here, since it's of personal significance.

    Quote Originally Posted by Logan View Post
    Life has changed alot for me in the last few years. I've started afresh, with a move out of a stressful career and into the calm of the countryside.

    The move was prompted by a period of illness brought on by that career, along with a job offer for my wife - which she was keen to accept. We relocated to Cheshire with our dog, Poppy. Life is great up here, although hugely different to our lives in London.
  7. ETF2L (Highlander) Playstuff vs Veni, Vidi, Non Vici - cast by Agro and Colt

    Last night saw the final game of the season for Playstuff in the Highlander league.

    The opponents were a pleasure to game with and provided stiff opposition. They, like playstuff, were 4 wins for 0 losses in the group - so this was the season decider. Happy to report that Playstuff brought home the title. Great play by players from both sides.

    Here's the casts from the match, I was joined by Agro from KritzKast - a real pro showing me how it's done Was a pleasure to ...

    Updated 18-12-2011 at 14:18 by Logan

    Playstuff , Gaming
  8. ETF2L Highlander Playstuff vs Lambrini Boys 29 Nov 2011

    Shameless steal from Sloth - his match report of tonight, Excellent write up. Feel free to post it on your own lobg Sloth and i'll delete this one

    I also want to mention how the whole Team is a credit to this place - in the face of a terribly Bad Mannered, Flaming team, they kept civil - and beasted.!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sloth View Post
    The match vs. Lambrini boys was excellent all told. Here are my thoughts on the game, but please remember that: A) playing sniper didn't really get me the best view of
  9. Incredibly late Neptune's Pride Game 2 Blog Part 2

    15/05/2010 23:00
    Looks like Bob's going to be awkward. He is defending excellently and keeping his ships together rather than launching rash counter attacks. I am making progress but it's going to be slow.

    17/05/2010 19:00
    Bob launched his counter offensive today. I'll neutralise his main fleet at Altais Mu, but he will successfully recapture Salm, which is the best world i've got off him so far. With a bit of luck i'll be recapturing it back within 12 hours. Bob is ...
  10. Incredibly late Neptune's Pride Game 2 Blog Part 1

    I meant to blog this ages ago, but procrastinated heavily and have just stumbled across the notes I made at the time (nearly a year ago!!!!!).

    I think game 2 highlighted the biggest weakness of the Neptune's Pride format which is a tipping point can be reached where the eventual victor is guaranteed, but the game will still take days/weeks to play out. For this reason I think lots of people lost interest towards the end (including me!)

    In game we had Bursar, Honsou, ...
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